About Us

Who are we?

We are two young engineers who are exceptionally passionate about sustainable built environments. After completing our Masters course in Modern Building Design at the University of Bath, our increased understanding of the challenges of creating a sustainable built environment planted the seeds for this platform.

We identified a clear gap in the market and a lack of awareness in communities. We also realized that informed professionals were not connected to the right organizations; thus, we felt responsible and we wanted to take further action. That is where the first two seeds were born and SEEDS Platform emerged.


Integrate and embed leading edge sustainability into current practice to provide appropriate dynamic solutions that inspire communities to coexist and grow with the environment


To transform conventional built environments.

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Why Seeds ?

The name Seeds was initially selected for its symbolic and metaphorical meaning. As we both have similar backgrounds and originate from the same country, we realized we needed diversity. A seed comes in different shapes and sizes. It is the beginning and end of a plant’s life cycle. It grows in phases making its growth a dynamic process. From there we started to collect seeds. We realized to make the world greener faster, we needed more seeds. Seeds with different backgrounds who are looking for the right soil to grow. With time we realized the names seeds fits perfectly as an acronym so seeds became SEEDS and stands for Sustainable Environmental and Energy Design Solutions.


What we do?

SEEDS Platform provides an innovative online networking community for any interested individual, professional and/or organization. Whether you are a student looking for information from a professional, or a professional looking for more information from existing projects or academics, SEEDS platform will allow you to connect, communicate and access information in an interactive and assistive manner.

To ensure our members get the optimum benefits and experience from our platform, our team of leaders have been handpicked to ensure a wide expert knowledge base of all aspects related to sustainable built environments.

Our aim is to grow and continuously evolve and we are looking forward to you joining as a seed to grow with us!

Co-founders of SEEDS Platform

Our Logo

Our logo carries a very symbolic meaning. It was deliberately designed in an abstract form to reflect the various aspects of our platform. The letter S was incorporated in a leaf form to represent a green environment, the continuity demonstrated by the curves of the letter S represents the dynamic revolution of sustainability. With the right seeds being planted in the right environment this visualization can be maintained


Our Values

  • We act upon the responsibility we carry towards the environment.
  • We consider the environmental impact in every product we produce and service we provide.
  • We only collect and provide access to valuable information provided by qualified parties.
  • We prioritize the satisfaction of our members and support their environmental impact.
  • We innovate, create and collaborate.